Specialists in the assembly
and repair of cast iron boilers

We are able to provide a pipework fabrication service where installation, modification and maintenance of pipework is required.

Our pipe fabrication services are carried out in accordance to client drawings or bespoke on site fabrication where modifications are required. We have many years experience in welding, fabrication, assembly of pipework and steel fabricated assemblies. Workin in industries including heating, oil, gas to pharmaceutical and commercial applications. We offer a multi-coded standard of welding to pipework including carbon steel, Stainless steel and alloys.

Removal, lifting and transportation of heavy cast iron boilers.

Case Studies

Hastings Police station.

The complete fabrication of pipework was carried out throughout the boiler house to the specification of the drawings. This included welding of carbon steel pipework from two to twelve inch steel using shielded metal arc welding process. 

Biffa recycling & energy centre, Horsham.

This included a major pipework fabrication including carbon steel and stainless steel welded applications for the new recycling & energy development centre. This was a joint venture between Biffa and the government. 

The stainless steel pipework was to a coded standard which required 100% full penetration butt welds to x-ray standard.

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Professional assembly experts of cast iron boilers.

Assembly of Cast Iron Boilers

Cast iron boilers can be found in many existing buildings where heating and hot water are required.

Specialising in the repair of cast iron boilers.

Repair of Cast Iron Boilers

There are many reasons that sections within the boiler heat exchangers fail. Such as the build up of limescale.

Cast iron and steel boiler removal experts.

Boiler Removal

Due to the physical size and weight of cast iron and steel boilers removal of the redundant equipment can be a problem.

Boiler descaling specialists. Cast iron boilers.

Boiler Descaling

A combination of calcium within water and heat from the appliance forms limescale within the heat exchangers waterways.

Bespoke pipework fabrication service. Maintenance. Modification. Installation.

Bespoke Pipework Fabrication

We can to provide a pipework fabrication service where installation, modification and maintenance of pipework is required.

Specialist removal of plant and pipework systems.

Plant and Pipework Removal

Removal of existing systems can be time consuming, problematic and potentially dangerous without the correct equipment.

What makes us different?

We are the recommended installers for a number of manufacturers including Ferroli and MHS Boilers and work closely with facilities management companies and individuals alike.

We also supply a complete installation service including the removal of the existing boiler, supply of the new boiler, fabrication of pipework through to the commissioning of the installed appliance.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients a safe honest and reliable and affordable service.

Lift and Shift Services

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Contact Lift and Shift Services today. A fully managed and integrated lifting solutions service provider for all heavy and awkward items that you need moving and relocating.

Lift and Shift Services. Professional Lifting and relocation of heavy items.